HOLIDAY ON ICE presents a new production celebrating “the best and most memorable times of our lives”!

The show is like a photo album filled with “snapshots” of memories that we all share in common:  Falling in Love, Your first kiss, Dancing ‘til Dawn, a Memorable Night out on the town, A Great vacation, A thrilling adventure, and everyone’s wish to slow down time as it goes by too fast!

Holiday on Ice TIME

Holiday on Ice TIME

Director/Choreographer David Liu known for his innovative and exciting choreography will lead the cast of highly skilled skaters who join us from the 4 corners of the world. David has choreographed for skating luminaries such as Brian Boitano, Lu Chen, Midori Ito, Roslyn Sumners, and Katarina Witt and has choreographed major television specials including Kurt Browning’s Gotta Skate, Divas on Ice with Katarina Witt, and Evening with Champions and NBC’s Rockefeller Centre Christmas Specials.  David has also choreographed works for the renowned Ice Theatre of New York.

Costume designer, Michael Sharpe joins the team and has designed for such famous stars as: Annie Lennox, The Pet shop Boys, Jessie jay, Julien loyd Webber, Russel Brand, Vogue UK, Darcey Bussel, Sara Jessica Parker , Jennifer Lopez, Kiera Knightley, and The Spice Girls.

Music, a key element in the show will feature well-known songs from the Universal Music Publishing catalogue.    We are excited to bring familiar tunes back to the Holiday on Ice Show! Music Production:   Memorable music makes a show GREAT!

Holiday on Ice, an icon in the figure skating world is proud to present a new and exciting show for our core audience and, we look forward to welcoming new fans as we present this new production!