Tour Manager (M/F)

Tour Manager (M/F)

As tour manager you present Holiday on Ice by showing leadership as the main and only representative
manager on tour in all daily activities and matters. You will be leading the tour staff which consist of a
stage manager, performance supervisor, assistant tour manager, physiotherapist and if applicable caterer.
The day to day management of the cast is in hands of the performance supervisor and for the crew this
is the stage manager. They report to you and they consult you if necessary in making decisions.
Furthermore you manage the assistant tour manager, physiotherapist and catering directly.

As a tour manager you are proactive in all operational aspects of one of our shows. This includes the
coordination and communication between the tour on the one hand and head office, venue and/or local
promoter, media on the other hand.

Representing Holiday on Ice
Act on behalf of company’s management, communicate and uphold the company policies, towards own
personnel, local promoters and venue owners, media & press and other third parties. Being the liaison
between all those parties.

Personnel management
Responsible as manager for cast, crew, hired staff by providing leadership in all matters, by keeping the
discipline, solving conflicts. Responsible for quality of life on tour by creating and organising the best
possible conditions to work, travel and live and responsible for creating a good atmosphere by
organizing events, by showing interest in and coaching people and being the motivator.

Financial management
Working with the running budgets of the production. Communicating levels of expenditure to the
associate producer. Handling cash money on tour, settling hotel and travel bills.

Internal information and communication
Responsible for providing and controlling the updates on the itinerary, work schedules, travel schedules and other schedules. Communicating this information to all departments within the tour and to the external parties such as head offices, contractors for personnel and local promoters.

Tour preparation and administration supervising
Supervising the administrative processes taking care of by the assistant tour manager at the start of the tour. Providing all personnel with reporting details and other information for the start of the production. Once on tour you are supervising the assistant tour manager on the administrative tasks such as visa and work permits procedures, financial administration and updating personnel files.

Personnel transportation and lodging
Organising the personnel transportation and accommodation on tour within the given budget. This includes, if necessary, selecting, negotiating and contracting the hotel/transport company. Further you are in charge of the actual coordination on tour such as making travel schedules, informing hotels about rooming list changes and settlement of hotel bills. This with the assistance of the tour administrator.

Back-up Local Team/Promoter
Assisting and facilitating local teams and/or promoter with press and media events and monitor the way Holiday in Ice is represented. Coordinate in connection with local teams and local publicity managers the event on location.

Education & Qualifications
- Bachelor degree in related field (Higher Vocational Education with expertise in Finance and Administration).
- Excellent knowledge of MS Office, especially in Excel.
- Full professional proficiency in English language and one or two other languages German or French are preferred.

- Minimum of 5 years’ experience in an international touring organisation in live entertainment or leisure and leading groups of (younger) people.
- Minimum of 3 years’ experience in a management position preferably in live entertainment or leisure industry.
- Good financial insight, strong in calculating numbers.

- Excellent communication and leadership skills.
- Inspiring person with a sense of responsibility.
- Showing human interest and being able to create a team.
- Strong problem solver.
- Organiser with hands on mentality.
- Flexible and willing to be away from home (approximately 6 months).

The production you will be working for is touring through Europe, among others Germany and France and will start as of the end of September/ half of November.


If you are interested in this position please send your motivation together with your resume in English to Only applications in English will be processed.

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