BELIEVE is a modern day Romeo and Juliet about desire, jealousy and true love. With Olympic level choreographies combined with the best live music, beautiful decors, glamorous costumes and hi-tech special effects, BELIEVE is destined to become a show that will truly conquer hearts.

Storyline BELIEVE

In this modern rock version of Romeo & Juliet, the two classes visualized by two very different worlds collide.
The Underworld, which keeps the wheels of industry turning is home of Antonio, who has a vision about the girl of his dreams. In the High Society, where every day is a party and money is king lives Clarissa feeling alienated and longing for true love. When the leader of both worlds gets into a fight with Antonio the two meet for the first time and fall in love. In that setting, against the odds, a forbidden love grows. It withstands rejection, hurt and tears by using love and passion. However unlike the classic Romeo & Juliet this story has a happy end.


Press release Believe

Holiday on Ice proudly presents Olympic champion Christopher Dean; the creative force behind the new show BELIEVE.

Utrecht, June 18, 2015- Olympic and four time World champion Christopher Dean is the director and choreographer of the new Holiday on Ice production BELIEVE which will premiere in Germany on November 26th 2015. The British Ice Dancing legend and the producer of the most popular ice show in the world are working together for the first time; a new milestone in the great tradition of collaborations between Holiday on Ice and Olympic champions. After a tour thru fifteen German cities the show will continue in France starting March 3rd 2016 in Paris. Read more...